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The starting point for automatic golf

    2 replies to "The starting point for automatic golf"

    • Andrew Hinchliffe

      Hi Cam,
      Great article!

      A penny dropped for me on this one. I’ve always been a good bunker player, at the risk of bragging I think I’m actually a great bunker player. There is a ‘freeness’ I have when playing a bunker shot that I’ve just realised I don’t apply to the rest of my game, essentially for fear of missing the fairway or hitting it in the bunker.

      I’ll take your challenge sir and keep you posted as to how it progresses!


      • Cameron

        Uncle Hinchy! Great to here from you.

        My coaching style offers a bit of “the penny dropped” kinda stuff. You read something and it sinks in. Then you read some more and it makes even more sense. You stew on some stuff, you experiment, you fail. But at some point you get an insight that makes sense to you. What I’ve found with a lot of the guys is that they go back and read some of the old posts and they now make sense.

        Look forward to seeing how you go big guy. Chat soon.

        PS. When are you coming up to visit?

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