The Power Stool – A training aide for more power and a better golf swing

G’day golfer,

After plenty of prototypes, dealing with manufacturers and final testing the Power Stool is now ready. The design of the Power Stool teaches golfers (it literally forces) to limit their body rotation and swing more with their arms.

This is what science says is the ideal way to play golf. This method ensures you maximise club head speed using the least amount of effort. It really is the secret of producing power. If you’ve ever wondered how some golf pros can hit the ball so far but do so making it look easy, then this is it.

If you’d like to learn more check this out,

While I’m talking about my products I should also mention my new teaching studio. This opened up this week in Melbourne. It’s a great facility! Plenty of room and in a perfect location in Hawthorn. If you’d like to learn one on one (the best way) then let me know and we can arrange something soon.

I’ve had my first couple of lessons this week and people seem to enjoy my unique, but fun approach to teaching. If you’ve never experienced a natural and instinctive game then give me a call.

On a side note did anyone see Andrew Gaze in the All Star basketball game? I know it’s not golf, but three point shooting can resemble the approach golfers should take. Although retired for a few years, Gaze has not lost it. I think he scored 18 out of 20 in a three point throwing contest … an amazing effort. If you watch him he is so automatic…takes the ball, looks and shoot. I bet there’s no thought of technique or any other hindrance… it’s perfectly natural. I recommend you take a look if you can find it. I’m positive if he thought about it more, took more time he would not be anywhere near as good.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about ways to make golf fun if you’ve been taking it a little too seriously.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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