The death of the golf teacher

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Death of the golf teacher

Notes: The idea here is to create first and edit later. Not only is this the best way for the magic to shine through, it’s actually more fun. Traditional teaching sometimes misses the point, and expects the learners to get skills right the first time. There’s often little room for mistakes – shame really, because those that create and perform in a meaningful way, rarely do it properly first try.

8 thoughts on “The death of the golf teacher”

  1. So your now a golf editor, not a coach? I would love to come up to your farm and the lesson would be a series of mini target orientated comps and if I beat you I dont pay!.

  2. Cam , One of the main problems I have suffered with in my swing was I tended to pull hard left (right handed) now not one of these teachers suggested to swing the club out to the right and fix the problem that way .
    Cheers Lukey

  3. Lukey: try to hit the ball straight. Its easy. You swing towards the target. If youre still pulling make you grip more neutral hands paralell to the clubface. Sorry to get so technical.

  4. i can hit my shots dead straight by purposely hitting them straight. its so easy. Moe norman wasn’t kidding when he said how easy it was to hit a golf ball. you just have to deliberately hit it straight. curving is indeed easier but hitting it straight is the best feeling in the world


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