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This will be the last Walking With Koda Golf Podcast I’ll be doing. I’ve learned a lot over the last 100 days and will be focussing on a slightly different direction. I’ll also put all the best 100 into a Super Blog Post as a nice reference for you.

I’m still going to be around, but will be doing more lurking in the background as I focus on some new things. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for some updates soon.

Thanks to everyone for listening. Good golfing,


    11 replies to "The 100th Walking With Koda Golf Podcast"

    • Michael Murphy

      Somebody get me some tissues 🙁

    • Scott Barrow

      Good work Cam, a great, giving achievement.

    • Cam280

      Oi, did you lose any weight? Dot PLX Putter info, asap please!. Coaching schedule in September? um thanks for sharing. Your a top bloke Mr Strachan!

      • Cameron

        Cam280: Weight is steady. More info on the Dot Putter soon (I promise). I’m available in September by appointment – have a bit on that month but can squeeze you in. What dates are you looking at?

    • Lukey

      Well done Cam and yes I’m keen to hear more about the putter.
      Cheers Lukey

    • Adam

      Try out bubba watsons YouTube channel. Its very entertaining.

    • Adam

      If there’s a way i could get in one last round before i leave Germany it would be enjoyable. Cameron would you consider this “remarkable golf”:

      I once shot 56 for nine holes and theny next round a month later with no practice i shot a 48 for nine holes.

      Just curious because my third time ever on a golf course i shot under 100 for 18. My next round will be my tenth. Just wondering if thats good or bad

      • Cameron

        Adam: You need to play more and stop thinking so much. Remarkable is what you make it. It’s not my interpretation but yours…

    • Adam

      Cameron im curious why many very good players who learned on their own and broke par in a few months decide to get lessons. They’ve already basically done all they can score wise and they have consistency. So why take lessons?

    • Mark

      I have been following your web progress for a few years now and this is the first time I have written.
      I have been trying auto for 2 plus years and have drifted in and out of the ideas. I know now that if I continue with auto golf I enjoy myself a lot more.
      I recently purchased your Bio swing video and have been working on its ideas for a few months. I like the concept very much and feel I am getting somewhere with it.
      Just a few questions on how to blend this into auto golf.
      When I practise various parts of Bio swing it feels great. How do I then incorporate it into auto golf.
      Do I just begin with the counting and expect that Bio swing will be taken up by my unconscious mind or what?
      I find that I cannot get the Bio technique out of my head when I’m on the golf course and the results can be a little erratic.
      Regards Mark

      • Cameron

        Hi Mark,

        Thanks for sharing.

        One of my latest projects is working on better and simpler ways of incorporating Bioswing. I find that golfers really like the golf swing stuff, but like you’ve found, they get a little erratic when implementing it. Here are some ideas:

        – always work on your swing away from the golf course
        – have short and sharp practice sessions
        – only work on one thing at a time
        – when you go to the course you’ve really gotta play
        – use the time before hitting the ball to rehearse the swing if you feel the need
        – remember that golf is about hitting the ball, not making nice swings (many golfers get away from this)

        I’ll be releasing more on this later this year. The above will keep you on track for now. Let me know how you go and if you have any questions…


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