Some site issues

Just a little heads up – the site is going through some changes and updates so there has been some downtime. Hopefully we’re through the worst of it now but there still could be an outage or two before the golf blog is firing on all cylinders. Thanks for your patience.



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Grayden Provis - February 15, 2013

I thought the War Office must have pulled the plug on you 🙂

    Cameron - February 16, 2013

    there’s been a bit of grief on that front but nothing too serious 🙂

    Site getting close to optimal….

Tony Lucas - February 16, 2013

Watched that young Lydia Ko today and was totally won by the fact she had no highs no lows just kept repeating the same thing over and over and without her knowing it was playing a great game of auto golf. I feel I learnt from her. Your thoughts Cam.
Cheers Lukey

    Cameron - February 16, 2013

    I will do a post on Lydia Ko very soon.

Troy Vayanos - February 18, 2013

The changes look good Cameron, worth waiting for.


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