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Can golf instruction and improvement really be as easy as driving a car or riding a bike?

It can.

Mainstream golf instruction has let you down because it focuses too much on the wrong thing. You have not been taught how to improve your golf game. You have not been shown how to apply golf technique to your game. It’s a vital ingredient and nobody is teaching it. If you’ve failed at improving your golf game then it really is not your fault.

I help frustrated and inconsistent golfers to easily and predictably ignite their self-confidence, find their A-game and play with more power and enthusiasm with natural learning techniques that are as simple to learn as throwing a ball or riding a bike.

There’s no confusing golf tips, wasted hours on the practice fairway or heart-breaking embarrassment learning to do things your body is not meant to be doing.

Want more?

There is over 300 free golf articles on this website that explains my process in more detail. You can use the search function (on the right) or the most popular topics (below and on the right). These are enough to give you more knowledge than 99.96% of the golf population (including golf coaches). Go for your life.

If you want more then you can join the Golf Tribe Membership. This gives you access to all of the premium content, including videos and access to me. The Golf tribe Membership is for those that want my very best instruction and attention. Oh, and I nearly forgot. Tribe Membership is FREE!

If you have any questions about who I am or what this website is all about then you can go here or here. If all else fails then send me a direct email via this link.

Thanks for taking the time to read this golf blog,

Cameron Strachan

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David Frugtniet - July 29, 2010

I took your advice, and will now try to find here a, the, your? way to convert somebody who can and ususally does pretty-much everything in golf procedures well, into a good golfer…. Is there a difference!
Procedure-wise, I am now down to just 2 motor skills that are required to be performed, with excellence, repetitively and almost simultaneously, that’s all! Sounds quite easy, and should be, but does require concentration from me! Only 2! With almost every golf action!
Hoping for “auto-pilot” so that the relaxation and the golf can start….
I will read as much of your info as time allows, looking for……

    Cameron - July 29, 2010

    @David: Go for it. Check the site out and see how you go. Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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