Today was going to be the day that my putting green was going to have the grass installed. Unfortunately, it’s raining cats and dogs and doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. Since our arrival in QLD we’ve gone through a heat wave, drought and so much rain that it’s getting ridiculous.

Here’s a video I took on Saturday morning (before the heavens opened)

Here are some pics that I took this morning. The big worry is the rain is only just warming up – might be here most of the week.

Fingers crossed the big wet won’t delay proceedings too long.

P.S. Not sure why the video is the wrong way round – pls forgive my lack of Youtube skills here.

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    • Grayden Provis

      Ah, Queensland….wet one day, wet the next. Looking good Cameron. Have you got anything for a stiff neck? I watched your video too many times.

      • Cameron

        oops – still don’t know why that video went wonky.

    • cam280

      G’day Cam its coming together, what type of grass are you putting on your mud heap? Did you look into drainage or are you going to rely on gravity?. How about mowing have you sorted out a reel mower?. I recently bought a Scott Bonner reel mower and after one cut I picked up a stone which stuffed the bed knife and blade. Too resharpen the blades costs around $100. Irrigation, plus fertilizer the maintenance, for upkeep of greens is crazy.
      The size of your green looks good. is the best site for all the info on green keeping!. Hope to get up your way soon.


      • Cameron

        Cam280: I’m cheating a little bit and getting a synthetic green installed. Way less maintenance and actually cheaper in the long run. I’ll write more about it in time, but the guys doing it have pioneered the construction of these things – they are close to realistic as possible, and allow the ball to land, spin and stop. Quite amazing really.

        I have purchased a Greenfield mower. It seems like a beauty – only has a 34in deck, but it scoots around in no time. Being a city slicker I had no idea about mowers and there certainly is a LOT of choices out there. Went with Greenfield coz it’s local (Brisbane) and servicing is really cheap – new blades can be purchased for around $17.

        Look forward to having you up for a visit.

        PS I wouldn’t mind having a go at a real green one day…

    • Troy Vayanos

      I feel your pain Cameron, I’m supposed to be playing at Hope Island tomorrow.

      Me thinks it’s going to be cancelled 🙁

    • cam280

      Smart move re the synthetic green!

    • Brendan

      Welcome to sunny Queensland. Beautiful one day, perfect the next.

    • Lukey

      I can’t wait till you get the synthetic green laid so you can actually give us some feedback it works as well as stated by the manufacturers.The whole concept is looking good so I look forward to seeing it.
      Cheers Lukey

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