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I’ve had a very busy day today and haven’t really been thinking golf (unusual). Thought I’d see if anyone has any questions about Automatic Golf, natural learning or anything golf specific. I’ll create a short podcast on each question and hopefully help you guys along the way.

Another note: some updates happening on the website but I’m hoping there will be minimal disruptions…

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Cam280 - August 1, 2013

I’m starting to play with the idea in regards to building a swing routine that can take on any course. Putting in particular I have noticed the putts that I’m not sure about I leave short and the ones i’m confident or even cocky about usually if not holed pass the cup by a meter.
In regards to Tee shots not too bad on new courses but approaches same as putting usually short almost to the point I think i’m allergic to the greens. Expectations can hinder performance but when I haven’t played from a particular part of the course or it’s a new course I seem to leave the ball just short of the green, WHY?

    Cameron - August 2, 2013

    Cam280: You need to keep going. Sounds like there’s too much fear/doubt there. You aren’t truly going to see the magic until you can swing the club/putter freely all of the time. This is a lifelong mission, but you’re on the right track. If you weren’t worried about your score, how would you putt?

    Also, it could just be that you’re learning the course. Don’t be too hard on yourself when learning. If you’re always short, go get a rangefinder, awesome investment for serious golfers to:

    – learn how far they hit the ball
    – get exact distances for each shot
    – builds confidence

    You’d be crazy not to get one. You can get some pretty good ones these days for less than $200

Cam280 - August 1, 2013

What about this question; how did Daniel Popovic get a start in the Bridgestone Invitational on the weekend?

    Cameron - August 2, 2013

    You forget quickly. He won the Australian PGA late last year and this either gave him a start or because he finished very high up on the Australian Order of Merit.

James Smith - August 2, 2013

My question would be how to make those three foot putts automatic? I can swing automatically most everywhere else, but when I stuff it up it’s usually with a short putt. 🙁

John Stead - August 2, 2013

Hi Cam,
When playing AG do we try with out trying?
By that I mean My aim maybe to put the ball
in the middle of the fairway, green or to the hole.
Then just accept the result.
Constantly takes the pressure of your game
to succeed at every shot or put.
I found when I don’t the magic happens so I try
not to force the magic to happen.

Holdini - August 2, 2013

Hello Cameron. What is the difference between auto golf and mindless golf? I know one is good and one is bad but they seem very similar?

Adam - August 2, 2013

golf is a logic game. Think about it. What do you do when you see a green that slopes left to right? You aim towards the higher part of out so the ball rolls towards the bottom of the slope. how do we hit a golf ball far? Try swinging easy with a full swing and note how far it goes.then swing all out and see how far. Its just logic. You think logically to play good golf. How do we hit a golf ball straight? Square the face at impact. You don’t hit the ball with your backswing so that’s not really important. Nor do you hit out in your follow through so all that matters is impact.. Try thinking logically in life and golf. It will help alot.

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