The website has been down most of the day. I was told it was a server problem and to be patient. I suppose this happens from time to time – a bit like three putting. Anyway, all seems to be working normally again now. In case you missed yesterday’s post the link is below;

Talk to you soon.

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    • steve

      Hi Cameron, Tried your putting system 5 months ago, didn’t work. So went back to my style, trying to read the green technically, to find the correct line, then using the line on my ball to align it on the right path. I found that this work ok only for a short while. My playing partner was told by a fellow club member I take a long time to putt and that I was slowing the game,so I decided to try your system again, so I got out your manual and read it over several times, then it clicked. I tried to mix your style and my style together which meant I was still putting consciously. The day after reading the manual a mate and I played 12 holes and I made 19 putts. I have played 3 rounds since then and am making more 1 putts and way less 3 putts. Your system really does work, I have given your manual to a mate, he is a six handicapper but three putts alot, probably more than me and thats with my old style.I’m a 10 handicapper it just takes me more shots to get to the green, once on it I’m deadly. People if you want to improve your putting give this a go and remember putt sub-consciously.
      Thanks Cameron
      Steve K
      Hawkes Bay
      New Zealand

    • Cameron Strachan

      Great work Steve!

      Congrats on sticking with the automatic process. If you can implement it with the rest of your game you’ll be in business.



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