The BioSwing Manual
The BioSwing Manual

If you haven’t seen BioSwing before then here’s your chance. BioSwing has been my all time best selling product. Because it’s my birthday I thought I’d give it away free. In the past BioSwing has sold for up to US$97. For the last few years it has sold for between $27 and $47. If you act quickly you can get it for no charge whatsoever.

  • More power
  • Less effort
  • Reduce strain on your back and joints
  • A very simple golf swing

Fill in the form below to get instant access to BioSwing. This offer is for a PDF document. You can download it to your computer for instant access. Please fill in the form below.

    20 replies to "My birthday surprise"

    • Barry challinor

      Happy birthday and thank you.

    • Steady

      Happy Birthday Strachs.
      Respect your health why have it.

    • Tom

      Hi Cameron Happy Brithday and thanks for the download.Regards Tom

    • Paul Gompels

      Firstly , many Happy Returns of your birthday which you truly deserve. Also thanks for the offer of your book “BioSwing”. I have your book Golf Instruction 2.0 which is very informative. However, I have also got a DVD from a fellow in the States and this is the very first time (after over 25 years trying to play this game) that it explains the basic principle of how to play golf and at which point one has to strike the ball and also WHY one turns the body during the downswing. No one has ever explained this to me (not even my professional son!!).
      Please forgive me as I do not wish to hurt anyone’s feeling, particularly yours as you really have a genuine desire to assist everyone. I am now interested to read your Bio Swing book and shall remit my comments to you. Very Sincerely Paul

      • Cameron

        No probs Paul, good luck with your golf.


    • brian allan deen

      I, like so many others have spent a fortune on golf, with little to show for the outlay. Lessons, the more you buy the cheaper they become so many of us signed up for twelve – fifteen, no change still miserable when I left the course. some great shots( well for me they were great shots)but the majority poor no power misdirected. This was supposed to be fun, right, I read the inner game of golf some years ago and thought the author was on to a winner, but i would still listen to self 1 as so many other players i am sure are still doing. Cameron after reading a number of your articles and watching some of your videos I was ready to trust and let go on one round I played with my son. The first thing he noticed was the way I walked straight up to the ball from behind chose my line and club, and hit the thing. We had a good day and I want to play more golf, and I will in that frame of mind. Thank-You for allowing me to enjoy my golf again. Brian

      • Cameron

        Hi Brian,

        It’s a great thrill when you realise you have the ability to play golf in a relaxed and fun way. It opens up new possibilities and allows for remarkable golf to happen. Thanks for posting and let us all know of your progress.

        Good golfing,


    • Greg Ryan

      Happy Birthday Champ!
      Thanks for your help. “A Clear Head” is for me.

    • Bernie

      “Appy B’day” Cameron
      Hope you have a wonderful day. A few months ago, I purchased a copy of BioSwing as part of your “Golf Science” Web site. I highly recommend it to one and all – good stuff.

    • Gavin

      Have a great day. I look forward to reading Bioswing.


      Thanks for the ongoing info .It was my b/day on 27th Feb Sat stroke was very happy to 97 at Vines on 18 h/cap. Tried to remain positive all day. Thanks again Ray.

    • Tom Cribbes

      Hi Cameron, by a coincidence I also had a birthday a short time ago and can only wish that I could distribute prizes as well as you and as welcome as yours. Many thanks indeed for the offer of the BioSwing Manual which I am sure will be as useful and instructive as your other instructions. Happy birthday and may your future scores be all you could wish for all the best;
      Tom Cribbes

    • Cameron

      @Tom C: Thanks for the kind words Tom. Hope you had a great birthday too. Enjoy BioSwing and let me know how you get on.


    • Grayden Provis

      Hi Ray
      Is that The VInes in Perth? Don’t tell me there’s actually two of us here!

    • Steven Da Ros

      thanks and happy birthday Cameron

    • Peter

      Hope you had a terrific day. Many thanks for this offer. I’ve found your web site to be very useful and informative.

    • Nathan

      Hi Cameron, thanks for the copy of bioswing. Am enjoying it a great deal. Will get through it in the next few weeks and will let you know how much it helps. Im pretty confident it will as most of what you teach has helped in some way. Regards Nathan

    • Ray Morris

      Happy belated birthday cameron & a sincere thanks for the gift. Very much appreciated. Been away. Half way through your book and am impressed. Let you know the results when I’m finished and had an opportunity to put it into practise.


    • william

      how do I subscribe to receive the free download of the golf swing
      regards William

      • Cameron

        Hi William, please enter your details into the box above. The details will be emailed to you.

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