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Hi Tribers,

My mate Ev wanted to grill me about my golf and coaching ideas. Thought it would be a good idea to record it. Think you’ll like the below audio.

Let me know what you think.



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John Stead - March 14, 2009

Fellow TRibers
Loved the interview Cam.Thank God you didn’t use the s word ala K Rudd. I keep re-iterating and sounding like a broken record but it is all about the process. Why put yourself in a straight jacket with the latest tip or new technique in order to improve your golf game. The hardest and sometimes simplest thing to do in golf is going from the mechanical/controlling mode to free flowing automatic subconscious golf. Adults especially as you get older question “Why should i do it this way”? Every Saturday I play I hear the same bs. “What is wrong with me?” “Man I suck at this game.” I often turn to them and say “What game ARE you playing.”Are you playing golf technique or are you really playing golf. I played today. Just nine holes, no pressure just myself. What I did learn was that in order for me to switch from conscious thought to automatic was that I take acouple of small prcatice swing/putts/chips whatever behind the ball, then slip straight into autopilot. I have given a command to my subconscious and it performed it beautifully. However when I found myself starting to think mechanics i backed away from the shot and went through my routine again it worked so well.However after 6 holes I started to feel i little nervous,tight and the pressure built.Why because I was having a day out.All the what if’s come flooding into thought process. Yet I still was mentally tough enough to (be disciplined) keep doing what worked for me. BTW i shot 2 under 34 3 birdies one bogey.
Cheers Steady (oz)

Brendan Otto - March 16, 2009

Hi Cameron

Have been reading your blog for some time now, & pieces of them are slowly sinking in. After listening to the interview, feel as though I have a better understanding of what automatic is. Thought I was going automatic, just because I was trying to blank out any thoughts, but my sub conscience is still taking over. The interview has diffinately given me a different angle. Thank you for the time, effort & preperation it must have taken.

Tony Lucas (Lukey) - March 18, 2009

Hi Cam
Just listened to the audio with ev and I found you answered everything very well and got a couple of ideas out of it myself.Well done.

doug - March 19, 2009

Hi I am only new to this site have been in joying the comments and advice on removing interuptions from your inner self.The audio I fined is to low ,I have turned up my sound as loud as possiable may be you can help with this .Looking forward to more information on my email address. Thank you Doug.

Bill Cover - March 31, 2009

just listened to the interview after reading the report on Thinking Spoils Your golf, I now know what is wrong I am trying to teach my granddaughter to play at the same time. Thanks for the tips

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