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Golf practice ideas

Notes: This is my favourite practice technique of all. If I could never go to a driving range again it wouldn’t bother me – but “playing golf” and having fun is where it’s at. We all should do this kinda thing a lot more. Just talking about it this morning gave me the desire to head to the course with a few clubs and go walking. I find this kind of golf practice truly enjoying.

    7 replies to "Make more of your golf practice time"

    • Holdini

      Hi Cameron, what are your thoughts on deep practice and chunking?

      • Cameron

        Holdini: I think most of my practice ideas would fall under the category of deep practice. Trying new stuff, exploring and pushing limits etc

        Chunking: if you mean short and sharp sessions then I think it’s fine. If you mean breaking skills down into smaller parts and then trying to put them back together, I’m not a fan. At least not a fan for golf. I haven’t ever really seen that work.

    • Cam280

      The only time it’s not practice is when I say it’s not. Therefore it’s always going to be practice because practice is what golf is all about, it would be unwise to think of it as a test which would involve a result and we all know that creates anxiety leading to tension and quickening of movement, unless its a practice test, lol. “Take the pressure down”.

      • Cameron

        Czm280: You make another good point (I think). We’re always practicing. If we approach golf in the right way we should always be learning, improving and hopefully having fun…

    • Steady

      Does practice equal work. I Like Golf Learning Ideas Cam.
      I’m gleaning more and more from The Talent Code.
      Glad you expanded upon those ideas.

    • Holdini

      The talent code has answered alot of questions i had in my head. What you have been saying, which i totally believe, has sometimes left me asking ‘why’. Now i know.

      The only part that i struggle with is that practice should be hard and almost unenjoyable. Back to you Cameron, why?

      • Cameron

        Holdini: I don’t agree with everything here. I can’t see why you can’t make it fun. What’s the point being out there otherwise? I spent years working on my game and trying really hard and I can say that it wasn’t that much fun – didn’t turn out too good either. So I think we should (must) make it more enjoyable. Learning really is fun. Hitting new shots, trying different stuff and accepting mistakes is all good. When we’re free to explore the shackles come off and the really good stuff shines through.

        I feel sorry for all those young kids out there that are somewhat being forced to spend hours and hours in the one spot hitting balls and tweaking their technique. Maybe that’s the best way, but I think the golf course is better. And I also believe that it doesn’t have to be always a drudge.

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