The next step for the golf tribe

Hi Tribers,

Firstly, I’ve got to apologise for not spending much time on the golf tribe – things have been really busy on my end – but I hope to answer more questions in the next few days and continue to add content.

Anyway I’ve been thinking about where to take the golf tribe. There’s a few keen beans that are chatting back and forth – and Bob Mark has suggested some way of posting videos and then the tribe making comments. This is a great idea so here’s what I have in mind.

The website software allows for unlimited users to be able to login and create their own pages. It’s really easy to do and you can write articles, post videos and discuss golf.

All I ask is that you keep things on topic and stick to natural learning – I don’t want this to turn into a technical golf instruction blog. Other than that you’d be free to create content that interests you.

If you’d like to be able to contribute to this forum then here’s what you’ve got to do;

Send me an email to camerons*AT*golfscience*dot*com*dot*au and I’ll create an account for you. You’ll be able to get started right away. Please include your preferred username (nickname) and I’ll do the rest.

Over to you.


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Michael Jones - February 27, 2009

Hi Cameron user name is jonah

Michael Maffesoni - February 27, 2009

Hi Cameron,Would be happy to be a tribal member,username daddymaff.

Glen Grimish - March 3, 2009

Hi Cameron

Enjoyed your first few audio instruction sessions.

My biggest swing ‘fault’ is an outside to in downswing, particularly using Driver, causing alate fade in my ball flight.

Can you please offer a few drills or techniques to swing “on-plane” (as I hear it called) to straighten-up my ball flight.

Glen G.

Glen Grimish - March 3, 2009

PS – happy to follow your “trial” of posting videos and chatting to other golfers. Question is, “Am I following the vidoe tips of a Scratch-Marker or a 27 handicapper?”


Cam Strax - March 6, 2009

Glen, it’s not really about following advice from 27 handicappers. It’s all about helping others and learning along the way. I’m a believer that we can learn something from each other.



Bill Cover - March 8, 2009

I tend to agree with Glen,I feel it would help if when people are posting there comments if they put their H/cap as well, mine is 16 at the moment.
I have been struggling with the concept of play and enjoy golf and not worry about the result,my handicap has gone out 2 strokes while I have been trying to perfect this style of golf, today I have finally suceeded to play a reasonable round 38 Pts while just hitting the ball. maybe I will get there. Bill

johno - April 5, 2009

Hi Cameron
A little success at last, read the E book and tried to put total instruction into practice without a lot of improvement, then reread the book and picked up your advice not to try to do everything at once but to change one thing at a time. I am 63, play off of a 10 handicap and have been playing for 30 yrs+ so have tried many different styles but must admit that your instruction sits with me very comfortably. I decided that the first instruction I would follow was the taking the club back with the hands only with great success. I felt like I was taking back a baseball bat getting ready to hit a home run, I only dropped 4 shots after 13 holes and felt very comfortable, also had putted for a couple of birdies which I failed to convert & fell down the last few holes but was very happy as it was a stroke round. Will work through other aspects of the swing week by week and hope to achieve my ambition of single figures by the end of the year, thanks for a great system, wish me luck


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