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  1. thank you cameron for describing this to me. i’m very worried about what’s going to happen if i’m going to make a career out of golf and i can’t improve. yet i’ve noticed just this morning when i went out in my yard when i simply aimed at a small tree in my yard and hit the shot without bothering to worry. somehow it came out perfectly and hit the middle of the tree stump. seems odd how when i aim for something it usually goes there. i hit all my shots dead straight EXCEPT when i begin working on my swing. someone said to me once and he was a very low handicapper that the swing is the most important thing in golf. yet, when i try to think that, i either have a slice or a hook. two of the worst extremes would be that my hook doesn’t just go into the woods but on another hole’s fairway or my slice is so terrible i forget where the ball lands. very difficult to say why he was such a low scorer yet says the swing is the most important thing. actually, come to think of it, i’ve never seen him play. his swing is ok but he hits a one iron with a wicked hook and it goes about 50 yards. so i guess he’s lying about being a low handicapper. he always bragged and made others upset when he talked about himself all the time. do you think he’s really a low handicapper or is he lying to get attention? his drives on the range are terrible and so is his one iron.

  2. Sorry if my comments are so random like the one above. Just have alot of questions. By the way how should i practice golf? Is there a specific way to do this?

    • What’s the best way to practice?
      A: Get out there and play the game. And definitely stop thinking so much about it. There’s no right or wrong really – just learning.

      Why is it that so many of us are scared to try something or a worried about doing something wrong?


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