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Tony Lucas - June 3, 2013

When putting then Cam do we work on the idea of just hitting the putt as close as we can thus trying to eliminate 3 putts or should we think 2 putts is great and murphy’s law says we will get a certain amount of 1putts.
Cheers Lukey

Adam - June 6, 2013

putting is the easiest part of the game. I have a girl at my golf course who takes millions of practice strokes and hits the putt way off line each time. she’s a very slow player. and we have someone who keeps saying to her, “keep you posture and keep your left wrist flat” or ” take it back slowly” when the real way to hit a putt is to hit the flipping ball somewhere near the hole. it was never about posture or wrist angles.

    Cameron - June 6, 2013


adam - June 6, 2013

Lukey: youre going to three putt sometimes. You will rarely 1 putt and on average two putt but three putts happen. I averaged about two putts on my last round one putted twice and three putted about once so it does happen. Just get the ball somewhere near the hole and youll be fine.

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