Discover the World's Best Golf Simulator 

Just some of what HDGolf offers...

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    Unbelievable graphics of the world's best golf courses
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    Incredibly realistic, accurate ball flight and spin
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    Improve your game from home with the most advanced simulator & game improving technology

I have never really considered golf simulators before - I thought they were a gimmick and not "pure" enough to allow for a real golf experience. When the opportunity presented itself to become involved with HD Golf, I was keen to try their product for myself.

And I was blown away. The graphics are amazing and the ball flight is so accurate. It really is like playing golf, but you're inside in air conditioned comfort. Even the putting is realistic enough to make things fun and challenging.

The HD Golf Simulator is a premium product. I have now tried most other models, and nothing comes close to the quality of the graphics, the realism and the enjoyment on offer. I'm now distributing these beauties in Australia and New Zealand and if you'd like more information, please hit the "Get Brochure" button.

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