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For The Tribers

This post is for those Tribers that have made a real effort over the last few months. You know who you are.

It seems the automatic approach can be difficult to obtain for some golfers. Here are some more thoughts on the subject.

1. Automatic golf is not a quick fix. If you’re expecting an instant cure you’ll be disappointed. What is required is an understanding that it is the right thing to do and then perseverance to hang in there.

In my own case it took nearly two years to automate and improve my putting. Sometimes I walk onto the green and it feels terrible – I lack confidence and I’m nervous. But by trusting the system I’m able to negotiate those bad times and pull through. When I’m feeling good my putting is awesome!

The same goes for the full swing, chipping and putting – you need to automate and you need to be patient.

2. It requires constant dedication. Training your system to play golf without a lot of conscious control is a continuous battle. It can feel horrible sometimes – but these are the times that you must let go and play without hesitation. There is no other option.

Talking with friends and clients and using my own experience the problem I see consistently is golfers changing their approach when they’re not feeling good. They play safe – steer the ball or don’t commit. The reality is that you’ll never feel super confident all the time. The trick is to play that way – even when everything is feeling bad.

If you want to play your best golf you need to have an “I don’t care attitude”. This is easy to do on the practice fairway or in social rounds. When it does matter it becomes much harder. But are you able to step up and swing freely and confidently when you’re nervous and playing for $1000 dollars?

The best players, and this includes professionals and seasoned club golfers, are able to play the same way all the time. They don’t let the situation get the better of them – they don’t change their approach and they don’t worry about their swing. They play – that is all they do.

My mate Ev is a great player. He really is. He is still learning he doesn’t need to do anything differently under pressure other than trust his subconscious. In the past he has tried too hard, thought too much and over complicated things. He is nearly over the hump – he has experienced the difference between conscious play and subconscious (automatic) play. He has made some huge progress and looks set for a breakthrough.

The hard thing with automatic golf improvement is that it’s not possible to read about it, watch it or even talk about it. You have to experience it. You have to live it and the only way to do this is to get out there and swing naturally – without fear of consequences or result. Yes the result is important – but you can’t allow your swing to be affected by what you want to achieve. Get out of your own way and swing the club in a way that will allow you to soar. Here’s a few tips:

  • stop thinking about your score
  • stop thinking about your swing
  • stop tinkering with your clubs
  • stop tinkering with your swing
  • stop thinking about your handicap
  • stop worrying about results
  • stop making stories up about what may or may not happen
  • stop analysing

But most of all start playing. Here’s my basic rules for playing golf:

1. Work out what you want to do. This is vitally important

2. Choose a club that will get the job done

3. Distract your conscious mind for the duration of the shot (this is not negotiable)

4. You should be swinging automatically and naturally

5. Repeat until you hole out on 18 and for every round you play in the future.

It’s fun and it does work. Steady Oz has worked it out – it took him some time but he has achieved a level of mastery that most will never know. He continues to improve and is rewarded by shooting the best score possible.

If you have any specific questions please let me know.

Keep striving,


More golf questions

Hi Tribers,

My mate Ev wanted to grill me about my golf and coaching ideas. Thought it would be a good idea to record it. Think you’ll like the below audio.

Let me know what you think.



The Challenge

Hi Tribers,

There’s been a bit of banter back and forth of late. This is great and what the whole Golf Tribe is all about. I’m sure those involved have been learning and getting something from it. It’s perfect win-win. You learn, we all learn. Fantastic.

Thought I’d write a quick post on what it takes to succeed with the automatic process. Here’s my take;

It takes commitment. The easiest thing in the world to do is to quit and try something new when it doesn’t work. Adults are like that – we’re impatient and think we can override our own natural learning abilities with conscious thought and control.

But that doesn’t work either! We end up jumping from tip to tip and idea to idea each and every time something goes awry. The end result is a golf game that is all over the place – and leaves us frustrated and confused.

Automatic golf requires a different challenge. You have to put your trust in your natural learning abilities – to have faith that your subconscious can do better than your conscious mind. Yes this can be scary and nervy at first but if you stick with it something magic might come your way.

Let me give you an example.

I played twice over the weekend. The first game was nothing special. I didn’t play that well and missed playing to my handicap by a few shots. No biggie – just an average round.

On Sunday I started poorly. I missed a few shots and felt tempted to analyse and make some changes. I resisted the urge to make a change or start playing safe. I relaxed and kept the automatic process going.

Before I knew it I was playing well. It’s a hard feeling to describe but by the 10th hole I knew I was going to shoot a good score. My game felt in sync and the ball kept finding the target – on the 16th (a par 5) I hit two of the best shots I’ve hit in a long time, a powerful draw shot from the tee (something that I struggle to do) and a laser like three iron a few metres from the pin.

This is like magic! It feels unbelievable and for me makes the game of golf something special.

The point here is that I know if I let the poor round or a few bad shots get to me I wouldn’t have experienced the magic. The remarkable golf makes the poor golf worthwhile.

My core belief is that we all have the potential to experience our own level of magic – we have to learn to keep trusting and swinging freely – the rest will take care of itself.

That’s the challenge – but it’s one worth winning.

I’d like to hear your comments.


The next step for the golf tribe

Hi Tribers,

Firstly, I’ve got to apologise for not spending much time on the golf tribe – things have been really busy on my end – but I hope to answer more questions in the next few days and continue to add content.

Anyway I’ve been thinking about where to take the golf tribe. There’s a few keen beans that are chatting back and forth – and Bob Mark has suggested some way of posting videos and then the tribe making comments. This is a great idea so here’s what I have in mind.

The website software allows for unlimited users to be able to login and create their own pages. It’s really easy to do and you can write articles, post videos and discuss golf.

All I ask is that you keep things on topic and stick to natural learning – I don’t want this to turn into a technical golf instruction blog. Other than that you’d be free to create content that interests you.

If you’d like to be able to contribute to this forum then here’s what you’ve got to do;

Send me an email to camerons*AT*golfscience*dot*com*dot*au and I’ll create an account for you. You’ll be able to get started right away. Please include your preferred username (nickname) and I’ll do the rest.

Over to you.


Join The Golf Tribe And Play Your Best Golf

If you want to play you best golf then you’ll want to join the Golf Tribe. It’s now time to make a commitment and get motivated to take your golf to a new level.

The Golf Tribe is a group of like minded golfers who are keen to work together and share their experiences with the automatic (natural learning) golf improvement process.

This is the first step in my Golf Success Blueprint . The GSP will be the world’s first golf instruction program on automatic and natural learning. Keep your eyes peeled – this will be launching soon.

Here’s how it works

If you’re ready to get started here’s what you need to do:

  1. Publicly Commit. This might be a bit scary but you’ll thank me later. By committing you’ll be more likely to stick to the process and see results. Add a comment below and briefly tell everyone what you’d like to achieve in the next 30 days.
  2. Read the guidelines. I’ve put more detailed guidelines on this page.
  3. Report your progress or leave feedback.
  4. Join the Tribe. This is the best way to keep up to date with what is happening, new lessons and updates. Click here to become a member of The Golf Tribe. Once there enter your email address and press enter.

That’s it. I’m not sure where all this will go at this stage but I think it will be something special. Any golfer can join and it’s free of charge. The only commitment is your time and energy.

See the rules (guidelines) for this Golf Tribe challenge (click here)

Check out all the comments below. There’s some great stuff here and be sure to leave your comments.

Hey, I'd like to hear your thoughts

If you’ve found this page then maybe you’re keen to find easier and better ways to improve your golf game. I think I can help you.

I’m hoping to find a tribe of like minded golfers. We’re all going to work together to have some fun, play some golf and help you play the best golf of your life.

The first step is to try and remove interruptions from your game. If you don’t know what interruptions are, then you can check out the details in my free ebook.

When you’ve read the book I’d like to hear your feedback and comments. Please do so in the space below.

I’ll be letting you know about my Golf Coaching Club soon. Keep an eye on your email for further details.

I’ll talk to you soon,