4 thoughts on “Bad weather and playing better golf”

  1. im going to stop worrying about improving. Im just going to enjoy hitting a ball into a hole. Thats what golf is about anyway. naturally you will improve the more you play. Im not going to try to improve anymore. Im just going to go out there and relax and have a good time. golf was never meant to be about improving. Its about relaxation and joking around and to get away from the troubles of the world. Just go out there and have fun.

  2. I think what we as golfers need to remember is the conditions are the same for everyone. We need to adapt and make the best of them and push our way through.

    Cheers Cameron

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    I have watched it many times and still get a load of information from it. In fact I just recently watched it last week and to be honest I wouldn’t be we’re I am as a golfer if it wasn’t for Cam and his teaching.

  4. What im saying is that improvement doesnt truly matter because it will happen naturally as you continue playing. Enjoyment is lost when we think we arent good enough to play golf the “right way” which is lower scores and better shotmaking. Its truly about enjoying whacking a ball into a hole. Naturally youll improve without thinking about it because that’s how we are made.


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