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John Stead - May 8, 2013

I use to be a goal kicker myself. Your wrong on one point in the stats have jumped by an average 15% in conversions made. Reason being is the ball went from being leather, when wet would be like kicking a brick to synthetic being easier to kick when wet. Eg Mick Cronin was awesome in the 70s and 80s with 64% Michael Gorden of Cronulla kicks at about 85% in 2013.
Plus games today are usually played at night hence the wind is less of a factor .
Bruce and I are on the same page I also use to practice along the sideline which is great for accuracy.
Loved the post, your right though a lot go on with a load of garbage when preparing to kick the ball.

    Cameron - May 8, 2013

    Interesting. It would probably take a rule change or equipment to get a 15% better result.

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