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Cam280 - August 7, 2013

Good question and a lot goes on in making those decisions and you don’t have a lot of time to make them. A good rule of thumb is to weigh up the risk vs the reward. However,if you’re in the zone and full of confidence that’s another story! So much goes into knowing the right choice, experience is key, sometimes playing more aggressively can stuff things up instantly or it can take you out of your comfort zone, conversely playing cautiously can stuff things up, you will never know because we don’t have a crystal ball to look into.

Tony Lucas - August 7, 2013

The key here is awareness and what is your first thought because let’s face it your first thought most of the time is the best one.
Cheers Lukey

James Smith - August 8, 2013

I still use Johnny Miller’s red, yellow, and green light system from “Pure Golf”.

Adam - August 8, 2013

You people: golf is getting a ball into a hole. Just realized that today. Its that simple. Cameron means well but sll golf truly is is hitting a ball into a small hole from 400 yards out. Its not hard. Cameron basically goes on about learning skills when you already know how to hit an object with a stick. Its not a skill its something we do everyday. Hit that ball into that hole. And stop worrying. Like i did.

    Cameron - August 9, 2013

    Adam: I don’t think people are enjoying your comments. One minute you’re complaining about golf and saying you’re no good. The next, you’re back here preaching about how easy it is. I certainly am losing patience with you. Please consider all comments you’re making before hitting the button. The blog is for discussion, helping and sharing ideas. I don’t mind criticism and feedback – but ranting and raving is not my thing.

Cam280 - August 10, 2013

Hi Steady, I just had another thought on the subject, for what it’s worth?. Jason Duffner just scored a course record at the PGA course, Oak Hill and in his interview he mentioned that an eagle on the second hole “got my round going”. Maybe sometimes you need to ignite your round to set it on fire. No expectations but if you get a sniff of smoke there could be fire just around the corner. Maybe we should carry a lighter instead of rubbing sticks?

    Cameron - August 10, 2013

    When you get off to a great start the hard thing to do is keep going. We all tend to start playing safe and controlling the swing. But it’s really fun when you keep free wheelings and enjoy the experience. This was a tough lesson for me to learn that’s for sure.

Cam280 - August 11, 2013

There’s a fine line between playing within your self and beating your self, I guess it comes down to your reaction after the shot is played. I realised yesterday that I prefer to go hard or go home because any time I played cautious and it didn’t pay off my reaction was like a spoilt kid. But when I went for the more difficult shot and it didn’t pay off I could except it! I also realised that’s how I practice so why change my natural tendency just because I am held accountable? I had a funny moment yesterday well several, I can never work out who i’m playing with until I tee off and once again I got it wrong and was grouped with 2 old woman, I try to see the lesson here and I think it could be what I did learn finally yesterday. Anyway I topped a couple of shots and the old bags out drove me, and started with…., “he wears a skirt”, so I had to fire back with, ” you got balls” I really shouldn’t talk because the statistics are in, and anytime I get caught chatting I nearly always bogey or worse the hole, another lesson!

    Cameron - August 12, 2013

    Cam: you can certainly pick your playing partners that’s for sure.

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