About Cameron Strachan:

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”14″ width=”940″]These are the core values that I aspire to live by each day:

Coaching not Teaching: Teaching is outdated. It’s boring and doesn’t work so well. Teaching is when the teacher stands up at the front of the class and just “tells” you what to do. There is little learning and almost all creativity is killed – one reason why most kids hate school.

I prefer coaching. Coaching is more about developing a relationship between client and coach. It’s win-win. The client learns as does the coach. With proper coaching you’re encouraged to explore, have fun and search for what gives you greater meaning. Yes, it’s a bit more deeper, but it’s where real satisfaction (and success) lives.

Play the game: Golf instruction has gotten out of hand. There’s too much focus on the swing and looking pretty. Many golfers (and their teachers) have forgotten that the best part of golf is hitting that ball towards your target. We all need to play more. Even when we’re practicing. Playing golf is where the magic lives, it rarely shows up on the driving range.

Quality. No gimmicks or quick-tips: My golf coaching is of high quality. It will challenge you and push you to the limit of your comfort zone. This is where true change can take place. This can take time and a lot of effort (for all). But the end result is usually more rewarding and permanent than the alternative.

I don’t sell quick tips or miracle cures. I also don’t promote or sell anything that I wouldn’t use myself. Never have and never will.

No Dicks!: I’m different and know that my ideas aren’t for everybody. I can live with that and understand that golf is a conservative sport. I like feedback and don’t mind chatting with people with a different view. But I don’t tolerate rude or ignorant people. Life is too short to deal with dickheads.[/text_block]

This is me smashing a 7 iron during a recent video shoot