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John Stead - May 19, 2013

Well said Cam. Schools and unis are places of indoctrination. No teaching goes on.
On the other hand It’s always best to allow students to learn and show others how to improve.
I sent you a photo the other week of teaching my kids the basics of hitting a golf ball. Yes there were mistakes but the students having the most success where the ones helping the absolute novices.

Mick M - May 20, 2013

So true cam, with my trade I teach apprentices. I find myself wanting to know more when I come across something I don’t know about or the apprentice asks a question I’m unsure about. I will do research so that both the apprentice and myself have gained something. Daniel Coyle who wrote” the talent code” talks about this in his latest book “the little book of talent”. It is tip number 47,to learn it more deeply, teach it.

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