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Tony Lucas - July 30, 2013

Thanks Cam that has helped a lot actually and when I am in a position whether it be into the wind or whatever is to do the following.
1 Accept
2 Make decision quick
3 commit
4 Swing freely
Cheers Lukey

Bill Cover - August 1, 2013

Hi Cam
One thing that has helped me choose the right club is a range finder, I dont always hit it right but at least you are giving yourself a better chance of getting it right.

    Cameron - August 1, 2013

    Rangefinders should be factored into the rules of the game. They quicken up play and take away at least one excuse, “I don’t know how far it is”. They should be legalised for Pro events, would help set the trend there and then hopefully filter down through to the rest of us.

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