Real golf coaching for golfers willing to explore how good they can be ...

Improve Your Golf. Play Free From Fear. Unlock Your A-Game. Find Greater Satisfaction ...

I've helped golfers from all over the world of various ages and abilities. My clients have two things is common,

1. They love playing golf

2. They're frustrated because they know they are better than their scores/handicap show

I've devoted most of my adult life to understanding human performance, golf biomechanics, learning and coaching.

I've written extensively about the learning process and have thought as much about this as any golf coach out there. I'm probably the only golf coach who has blended complicated swing science with natural learning techniques to make golf improvement simple, fun and effective. I like to say that golf improvement can be no harder than riding a bike or throwing a ball.

I'm sure I can help you and here's just some of what I offer.

Help you rediscover your A-game
I can help you find that elusive golf game. If you think you've lost the plot and are stuck in a golfing rut, there is a way out. You'll learn how to tap into your own consistent game and play your best golf more often.

Help you develop and then integrate a better swing into your game

I have an excellent understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing and expert knowledge on how to do this seamlessly.

Learning a biomechanically optimised swing is generally a lot easier than you'd think. Too much instruction is focused on the wrong thing and disrupts our learning ability. My goal is to show you WHAT are the right mechanics for you (swing instruction that is simple, reduces tension and strain on your body and gives you maximum power) while also showing you HOW to integrate this swing. Almost nobody is coaching in this way.

I'm definitely not going to try and force you to do things your body isn't meant to be doing or put you into positions that don't feel right.

Improve your short game
Putting, chipping and bunker play. It's all important and I have some strong views on how to learn it. In a past life I was credited with helping Aaron Baddeley become one of the best putters in the world.

Oftentimes, some short-game work is all that's required to drop a few shots and lower your handicap.

Discover greater meaning/satisfaction
Most golfers stumble about and never reach any sort of level worth talking about. I can help you play remarkably and find true enjoyment and satisfaction with your game. It's my view that only a small percentage of golfers get anywhere near the enjoyment the game offers - I'm hoping to change that.

Does any of this sound useful? If so, here's what you can do next.

A starting point is to read my latest book. This will give you a serious rundown on my thoughts and ideas and could have you playing better by the weekend.


Please call me on 0403 372 261 (I'm on Brisbane, Australia time) or use the contact form and we can arrange a private coaching session.

I've got my own private golf coaching paradise here on the Sunshine Cost and all coaching sessions are by appointment only. I'll push you hard but you'll walk away a better player than when you started. You'll also have the skills to self-coach.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Cameron Strachan
Golf coach and natural learning expert
Phone: 0403 372 261

Can't make it for a golf lesson but still want help? Then check out my book.